Camp Kydnie invites children who are at least 6 years of age with kidney disease to spend a week experiencing a unique opportunity where you will meet other children with kidney disease in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Campers will form lasting friendships, improve their self-confidence and independence, and achieve goals they didn’t believe were possible.

Camper Application

Kydnie ​​​Camper Application Packet

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A camp for kids with kidney disease

​​​Sibling/Friend Application Packet

Camper Applications for Camp Kydnie 2019

NOTE:  All applications will be reviewed and must be approved before campers or counselors can come to camp. A medical history form must be filled out for each camper. 

​​Parents of dialysis campers must contact the camp director via email at to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made. Additionally it will be necessary for your dialysis unit to help us make appropriate arrangements for dialysis care. The nephrologist, dialysis nurse manager or social worker should contact the camp medical director, Dr. Deborah Kees-Folts, at 717-531-5707, to begin this process.

All camper applications for Camp Kydnie 2019 will be available in the spring.  All checks should be payable to Camp Kyndie.  Please mail the completed camper applications to:

Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania 
Camp Kydnie Registrar 
Tina Fornstorm 
900 South Arlington Avenue

Suite 134A 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

Phone: 717-652-8123 
Toll Free: 1-800-762-6202 
Fax: 717-671-9444